KCAL9 News Interview - Gambling on a Dream: The Classic Las Vegas Strip 1930-1955

Want to hear Sam Butera talk about getting the phone call from Louie Prima that changed his life? Or Burton Cohen talk about working at the Desert Inn (his favorite hotel) as well as working for Kirk Kerkorian?

How about Stan Irwin recounting bringing the Beatles to Las Vegas in 1963 and hear from those who were in the audience for the shows? Or Myram Borders and others talking about Howard Hughes? Bugsy Siegel? There are stories about Benjamin Siegel, too!

Pete Barbutti, Claude Trenier, Steve Rossi, Freddie Bell and others talk about being an entertainer on the Las Vegas Strip and rubbing elbows with high rollers and other entertainers like Sinatra, Judy Garland, Mae West and more!

It's all in the new multi-touch e-book that I have written, Gambling on Dream: The Classic Las Vegas Strip 1930-1955, available now on the iTunes Store. Stories from the men and women who were there, rarely seen photos and ephemera galleries and video clips!

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KCAL9 News Interview

Here I am on KCAL channel 9 speaking with Juan Fernandez about the book:

Amazon Kindle version coming soon!

(this article was originally published September 1, 2016)