Hilltop House Closing

If you live in Las Vegas or are visiting this weekend, please note that the wonderful Hilltop House is serving its last meals on Sunday, April 1st.  I wish this was an April Fool's Joke, but unfortunately, it's not.

This is a great old-Vegas restaurant and haunt.  With a wonderfully simple neon sign that just says Hilltop House it began life as a ranch house in 1954.  In 1961, it was converted into a dinner house.  In 1972, Stan Wojtowicz and his wife, Valerie, bought it from former sheriff Glen Jones.  The family has owned it ever since.

Mr. Wojtowicz and his wife died within five months of each other last year and their children, who grew up washing dishes and helping out, have been running it ever since.

The two waitresses, Connie and Sue, have worked there serving the famous Hilltop House frog legs as well as steaks and fried chicken.  Almost equally renown as the frog legs is the salad bar.

Craig and his brother, Aaron and sister, Carrie will likely being managing the place over the weekend.  Stop in, have a dinner and toast another Las Vegas landmark leaving the scene.   Take note of the Christmas lites above the bar, they are always on, no matter what the season.  Those Coors globe lamps, we probably won't be seeing in many other places.

Located out on Rancho Road, (we used to call it the old Tonopah Highway when I was a kid), it is located at 3500 N. Rancho Road.  Phone number is 702-645-9904.

Change your plans, go have dinner there.  You won't be disappointed.  It's worth it. 

Once the restaurant closes, it is presumed the family will sell the land. 

Later today when Roadsidepictures gets back, we'll have photos!   In the meantime, please share your memories!

Thanks to Allen "Roadsidepictures" Sandquist for allowing us to use his photos!

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