Lake Delores/Rock-A-Hula

For years I have been making the trek via car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas along I-15.  And for years I have wondered what the hell is that water park doing there?

For as long as I can recall there is never anyone there.  I remember when it was Lake Delores and actually was open to the public.  You'd drive by in the summertime, look over see cars parked in the parking lot and imagine how cool that water must feel.  The giant waterslides, shimmering in the sun, beckoned you to pull over and cool off.  Somehow they got Coca-Cola to be a sponsor and erect a giant can of Coke next to the park.  There even appears to be some sort of drive-in movie screen on the property as well.  But unlike the drive-in on Highway 58, just as you exit I-15, no one is ever lined up in the evenings to see a movie here.

But, that was long ago.  A few years ago, it was rechristened Rock-a-Hula but even changing the name hasn't helped the attendance.

The only signs of life I have seen there recently, was the local Fire truck draining water into the reservior that sits near the freeway.

So there it sits, like a mirage in the desert or something out of Stephen King's The Stand, empty and ghost-like.

Does anyone know the story behind this boondogle?   Who paid to have it constructed?  Why is it empty? There is a little community on the other side of the freeway.  Is it used for late night raves?

Inquiring minds want to know!