Happy Holidays from Classic Las Vegas


We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  It has been an eventful year at Classic Las Vegas and we appreciate all of you who have helped make this an incredibly successful blog. 

Personal shout-outs to our preservation buddies that helped staunch the flow of destruction and the loss of our history. 

To Jack LeVine at VeryVintageVegas,

Paco Alvarez, MaryJOY, Pam Hartley and Josh Giedel who along with Jack and me helped make the grass-roots organization SavetheHuntridge have a successful ending.  (We were even 2008 heroes in City Life.  To Eli Mizrachi the owner of the Huntridge for having a vision. 

To Dennis McBride and the crew at the Nevada State Museum (including recently retired Curator of Education, Barbara Slivac) for helping to bring history alive via our Roundtable Discussions.

To Marcel Parent, Jennifer Jacobi, the crew at the Springs Preserve for giving me the opportunity to do historical Roundtable Discussions each month at the site where Las Vegas really began.

To our always growing audience that comes out each month to the Springs to hear history the way it really was from the men and women who were there!

To Allen Sandquist for his delightful images.

To the Friends of Classic Las Vegas for keeping the focus on our too-quickly fading past.

But most of all, to all of you who have written over the year to let me know how much you enjoy this blog and your support for our efforts to preserve all that we can of 20th Century Las Vegas.