Las Vegas Memories courtesy of Life Magazine


In its heyday it was called the Mirage.  The motel sat on the Highway 91 aka the highway to Los Angeles.

With its pool sited in front of the motel, passing motorists could look over and see swimmers enjoy a cool dip in the aqua water on a hot summer day.  It was a great example of roadside architecture.

When Steve Wynn decided to build his first hotel in the mid-1980s, he decided to call it the Mirage.  He had to buy the rights to the name from the owners of the motel.  A deal was made and Mirage Motel became the Glass Pool Inn.

Its distinctive pool graced the roadside until the spring of 2005 when the motel and the pool were demolished.  It is now an empty lot.

Showgirls take a moment to play a slot machine hoping Lady Luck will smile upon them.


Keno players hoping for that lucky number.


Photos courtesy of the Life Magazine/Google Archive