Untold Stories - Howard Hughes - Thursday Evening!

On Thursday, November 5th, "Untold Stories" will take a look at Howard Hughes.

The enigmatic millionaire is best known for his buying spree of Las Vegas hotels in the mid-1960s.  We will take a look at Hughes not only in that era but an earlier era, when he used to visit Las Vegas, hang out with locals and drop by the showrooms and casinos of the day.

Panelists include:

Geoff Schumacher, author of "Howard Hughes: Power, Paranoia and Palace Intrigue"

Paul Winn, who worked for Hughes and later Summa Corp.

Robert McCaffrey, who knew Hughes in his aviation days:  http://theaviatorhh.com/


Thursday, November 5th

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Desert Learning Center

6:30 pm

Admission $9 (new, lower price) (Discounts available if you buy a three series pass)

We hope to see you there!