Last night's Untold Stories

If you missed last night's "Untold Stories" about Howard Hughes, you should probably kick yourself.  It was a great evening of history, memories and stories.  Geoff Schumacher, Paul Winn and Robert McCaffery were wonderful.  We heard about Hughes' early years, in Hollywood as well as his time in Las Vegas prior to 1966.

We heard about his almost tragic crash in Beverly Hills and how that could have been avoided.  Also, the topic of the flying boat, aka the Spruce Goose, and the effort to keep it from getting sliced up to nine different museums.

And lastly, about Hughes in Las Vegas in the mid to late 1960s.  His relationship with Hank Greenspun, with Robert Maheu, his casino buying spree and more.

"Untold Stories" is the only monthly series that each month focuses on a different historic Las Vegas topic.  Each month, men and women who helped build Las Vegas, who helped make our history and who watched our town grow from a dusty railroad town to the Entertainment Capital of the World, come out to share their stories and memories.

If you aren't there, you should be because it is history, living history, at its finest.  You won't hear these stories anywhere else.  You won't get the chance anywhere else, to talk with them first hand, to see the memorabilia that they bring.

So, come on, what are you waiting for?

Join us the first Thursday of each month (dark in January) at the Springs Preserve for "Untold Stories" and find out more about the place we all call home.

You won't be disappointed!