Bob Stupak is gravely ill

Bob Stupak, long-time Las Vegas resident, hotel impesario and the creator of Vegas World is gravely acording to our buddy, John L. Smith, at the R-J:

Bob Stupak, creator of the gaudy Vegas World casino and the incredible Stratosphere Tower, is said to be gravely ill and suffering from medical maladies related to lung and blood disease.

His body weight has diminished to under 100 pounds, one longtime friend said this morning after a recent visit with Stupak.

Stupak’s health has been in noticeable decline in recent years, but neither doctors nor a weakened physical condition could convince him to quit smoking.

Like the kamikaze-style gambler that he is, Stupak has managed to make amazing medical comebacks before. I visited him just a few months ago at Valley Hospital when it appeared he was moving quickly toward life's exit.

Within a day, he was back to harassing nurses -- and looking for a place to escape for a smoke.