Golden Boy and Vegas

Well, the overnight ratings are in and there is good news and bad news for fans of Vegas.


First the bad news for Vegas:

Unlike shows like Do No Harm and Zero Hour, Golden Boy didn't tank in its first foray two weeks ago.  When Vegas premiered back in September, it debuted with a healthy 2.5 rating/14.85 million viewers watching. Unfortunately, its numbers started to dip shortly after the premiere. By the fourth episode, the ratings had fallen to a 1.6 rating/11 million viewers.

It has stayed in that range ever since, occasionally going up or down a point.  CBS cut back the number of episodes for a season from 22 to 20.

Golden Boy premiered in Vegas's time slot last week and matched the weekly audience numbers of 11 million viewers.  The second episode last night maintained that audience. The show moves to Friday night this week.

CBS needs a show at 9:00 on Friday nights to provide a lead-in to to the Tom Selleck starrer, Blue Bloods, now that CSI: NY has finished its season. Will Golden Boy provide that lead-in? Remains to be seen. Friday night is still considered a bit of a waste land and CBS seems to have some faith in Golden Boy.

Vegas only has five more episodes to air, so there is either a number of reruns in our future or CBS has a spring show it is going to put in this time slot when Vegas completes its run. If they do, they've been very quiet about what that show is. Which is very untypical of CBS.

The good news:

There are five more episodes of Vegas. The show is definitely on the bubble and needs to maintain, if not increase (not likely), their viewership. 

If Golden Boy tanks on Friday nights that may strengthen Vegas' odds of being renewed. May being the operative word.

A not-so-good possibility for fans of Vegas:

But if Golden Boy maintains the same number of viewers (or increases their viewership), CBS may eye this show as replacement for Vegas.