Vegas moves to Friday nights

Well, it sure sounds like CBS has made their choice. 

Sheriff Ralph Lamb gets KO'd in favor of the younger Golden Boy.


It was announced earlier today that CBS is sticking with Golden Boy on Tuesday nights.  Originally, the idea was for Golden Boy to have a two week run on Tuesday nights following CBS' big guns, NCIS and NCIS: LA, and then move to Friday nights at 9:00 beginning tomorrow night, March 8th.

Those plans changed. As we talked about yesterday, the ratings for Golden Boy on Tuesday night were as good as Vegas but chances are, the 18-49 demographic numbers were probably higher for Golden Boy.

That gave CBS the reason to shake up the schedule and keep Golden Boy on Tuesday nights in the 10:00 slot and move Vegas to Friday night where an older demographic has kept both CSI: NY and the Tom Selleck starrer, Blue Bloods, alive for the last couple of years.

Vegas may be a better fit with Blue Bloods but it no longer has the powerhouse NCIS franchise as a lead-in.  Instead, it has Undercover Boss (which does decent numbers).  The pressure is now on Vegas' showrunner, Greg Walker and the writers room, to bring audience numbers as good as CSI: NY and not lose viewers for Blue Bloods.

Can they accomplish that with the current storyline? They may need to step up their game big time. Vegas, at this point, can't afford to lose any viewers.

Not helping that scenario, March Madness and the NCAA playoffs begin soon and Vegas will be off the air until Friday, April 5th.  An original episode of Golden Boy airs tomorrow night (March 8th)  in the 9:00 timeslot and then returns on Tuesday night (March 12) at 10:00 for the rest of the season.

Being off the air for at least four weeks and returning in a new time slot usually spells doom for shows.

It will be worth watching to see if Vegas can break that curse.

We, of course, will be watching, keeping you updated and will remind you when Vegas returns to the airwaves.


Stay tuned!